Mobile Gaming Madness will be unavailable March 16-23, 2019.

About Us: Mobile Gaming Madness providing mobile video games in Saint Cloud

What we are about.

We had this state of the art video game theater built for all ages to have at their birthday parties, school events, church functions, fundraisers, tailgating and much more. Its for anyone, kids to adults, that likes to play video games. The trailer also has a digital antenna mounted on it in order to get local channels to watch a sporting event or what ever you want. The game consoles are able to play DVD's if you want a block movie night. We bring the trailer to your home address or where ever your event is located. "We bring the Madness to you."

Once inside.

When you step inside the gaming theater it is like no other you have seen. We have a laser light show, Disco lighting, and LED rope lights along the curved ceiling giving you that sense of being at a dance party. We have two televisions on the outside of the trailer for the WII U system and watching local TV channels.

Who we are.

 We are brothers, Steve Ault and Mike Ault. We are Retired Law Enforcement with a combined career of 44 years of service to Osceola and Polk Counties. We decided that we were really to young to just sit around, so we started "Mobile Gaming Madness. So anyone can have a video game party in Saint Cloud,  Kissimmee, South Orlando or anywhere you desire. We have PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U gaming systems for children and adults to enjoy.